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Free Games : MMORPG : Nowhere else and beyond

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Nowhere else and beyond popular

Nowhere else and beyond

Nowhere Else and Beyond is the first web based RPG that allows players to explore exotic locations in 2D or 2.5D, interact with other players, and build your own island and create quests within it. The best part is it's free and it runs within your browser and works on all platforms without any download. You may optionaly use our Java engine if you want to experience the full features the game has to offer.

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(4/5) Reviewed by User: sozinoz on 2007-10-16

To start: NEaB isn't the best game ever, because it has to be perfect to say that. And this game isn't perfect, no game is perfect. The nice points: You can make your own islands with quests, villages, caves and mountains and other people can visit it and do your quests. You can create your own dungeon and place furnitures and a chest to store your items and gold in, and if your dungeon is nice enough it'll got rated, my dungeon has 3 stars :). The game is free to play, but you can donate, if you do that you'll receive a DT which you can trade for nice items or sell to other players for high prices. There are over the 300 quests, because players can make quests. There are a lot of monsters and there isn't maximum level. You can own your own shop. You can have your own pet and let it fight monsters for you or with you, there are 37 kinds of pets. It doesn't require any download, but you can download "the client", so you can play the game a bit faster and it has a bigger screen. Bad stuff: The graphics are not that nice, a lot of images are created by players. Without java the game is not very fast. -------------------------------------------- Most of the players are from the US, but we have some Europian people too, mostly from the UK, Holland (like me) and Belgium. -------------------------------------------- If you are going to try the game out, don't give up after an hour, I heard many times that the tutorial is hard to do and boring... But if you want to get the hang of it you need to have played atleast like 3 days. NB: When registered and you don't get your activation mail check your spam folder, if it isn't there go to the guest chat andask an admin to activate you account (the people with golden wings).

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