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Endless Online popular

Endless Online

Endless is a unique fantasy 2D Mmorpg. Once playing this online rpg you can become rich and famous, fight evil monsters, become a hero or live as a normal citizen. Endless Online has a real-time isometric third-person view with an online engine supporting hunderds of players. This game will keep you busy for a long while.

Latest User Review

its great, fun and the best thing is.. its FREE!

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: ohjoy on 2006-08-02

endless-online is in fact a fun game to play. i admit it has a few things that needs improvement mainly with the population... too many people too little NPC's and they take a long time to respawn so lvling and earning cash can take a long time. controls aint hard to figure out, there are also friendly and helpful players on the game, they're not all arrogant and rude you know, so the community is kind of a yin-yang. i like the game coz u can be whatever you want. you're not obliged to do soemthing within a certain amount of time, gameplay is ok, even without quests and stuff, coz u can always stand in a corner and chat with others (which is fun). latest version is cool, not so much lags as before,maybe a lag in an hour or so. graphics are very cute! even if its in 2D graphics its so cool! i recommend this game to people who have so much time in their hand and don;t know what to do with it. i downloaded it in 30 mins, and i dont find that long. it depends on ur internet connection. and even if it takes long, just wait, its worth the while. plus, if at first u seem to hate it and have every intention to uninstall it, give it an hour or two to get u hooked up. this game needs a lot of improvement (like the absence of a world map results in you getting lost most of the time, but that can be fixed if u have a good memory), but hey, i'm sure they're working on it and its a game in progress, so it will get better. i love the people who made this game! thumbs up! download it right now!

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