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Age of Conflict: Strife

Age of Conflict: Strife

The Chaos of the Deadlands has spilled forth and corrupted the medieval lands in this free, browser-based strategy game in which the challenge is to build your empire, manage resources, raise armies, form alliances, and defeat those who dare stand in your way. This game is relatively new with a friendly and growing playerbase. We'd love to have you join the carnage.

Latest User Review

A game of Wits and Skill

(5/5) Reviewed by User: syther on 2004-09-21

Strife is a highly addictive game with more goals then just getting the highest ranks. Alliances and connections are key to playing well, and grudges form that take many rounds to demolish. Creating new tactics and executing them can be just as rewarding as being rank 1 and the kudos for creating such a tactic are many. Strife for me has been a fun and interesting game and I hope to see many of you there. So far the only thing it lacks is more players. Strife ROG is a fast paced version of Strife, with no allies, no clans, and no mercy, give it a shot once you've gotten the basics down, it can be fun killing your old allies from the normal version. -KhelD4R

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