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Max Gammon

Max Gammon

MaxGammon is a colorful and 3D realistic visualization of the classical board game of Backgammon. You can play against incredibly smart computer opponents or go on your network and play against other people! MaxGammon has adjustable board skins, optional backgammon rules you can change and multi-language support


Latest User Review

Max Gammon - Nice Graphics - Terrible Game

(1/5) Reviewed by User: EricBS on 2005-08-30

Max Gammon cheats. There dosent seem to be many rules that the computer can't break. It will claim that it won a game, because you didn't accept a double, when no double was ever offered. The computer opponent seems to only get exactly the dice rolls that it needs to win, even when it is so far behind. I emailed the producers of this game, but haven't received any response from them. The instructions for playing on a network against a human opponent are very vague. The game is not free and you can probably find other backgammon games that will offer honest play.

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