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World at War

World at War

Originally an homage to an 80's BBS game called Global Wars, World at War has grown to include many different options, maps and playing styles including War Fog, Paranoia, Cutthroat and Team Games. Similar to the board game Risk, World at War harkens back to the heyday of BBSing with an active community on the custom-written Forums that integrate directly with the game. A Chatter function allows for non-realtime communication between the players as well as a Real Time Chat feature. This game requires no specialized client-side program and works on most all standard browsers. It does not require much time per day to play, but you'll find yourself returning often. The community is invariably friendly and helpful. Also available is a client-side reminder that will notify you when your turn is available in a game.

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(1/5) Reviewed by User: Liam Riordan on 2005-05-20

Graphics are poor, I could not understand how to play, plus it was never my go. This is a very bad game. I'd rather play the board game with my cousin!! And that is no fun.

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