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Allegiance: AntiMatter

Allegiance: AntiMatter

Mod for MS Allegiance game. Online only 3D space combat/ RTS/FPS. Awsomegame.

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MS Allegiance homepage has moved

5/5 stars(5/5) Reviewed by User: Boandlgrama on 2005-02-05

The main community site is now at, with all files required in the download section. There is also a forum for support and introduction to the game. About the game: It is a multiplayer game located in space. The aim is to capture or destroy all of the enemy's main bases. The teams (2 or more) start on one of several maps. The initial phase of the game is exploration and expansion. Later on, it turns into a war for sectors and resources. Constructors and miners are attacked using a variety of craft, ranging from small scouts, Fighters, Intercepors, stealth fighters and other specialized craft that have to be researched in tech bases that build on certain rock types. Enemy bases are captured using troup transport or destroyed using bombers or capitalship type craft. The game has a strong focus on teamwork, skills range from dogfighting, scouting, support tasks, probing and generally being at the right spot at the right time. Typical games range from 20 minutes up to several hours, depending on the number of players and the overall skill level. I've ben playing this game since early 2000, after Microsoft abandoned it there was quite a drain of players. But right now there is a rather huge increase in players, returning vets and newcomers. There are dedicated noobie servers for newcomers that are off limits to regular players. Watch out for @alleg support staff, they are there to help beginners.

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