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Call of the Warlords popular

Call of the Warlords

Call of the Warlords is a hybrid strategy roleplaying game set in the Empire of Khadoria, an ancient realm held together by the will and political cunning of its Emperor. When the Emperor is suddenly and brutally assassinated, the threads binding Khadoria together are severed, leaving everything the economy, government and social order in chaos. The goal of Call of the Warlords is to win the Imperial Throne and take control of the Empire. To accomplish this, each player controls a noble family of heroes and retainers. Players must rebuild the economy, and fund an army, by creating commerce in their towns, establishing trade routes and political alliances, building monopolies and collecting revenues from vassals. Other, more interesting, ways of financing the army are extorting taxes from the peasantry, raiding dungeons for gold and magic items, plundering enemy towns and using spies to steal gold from enemy treasuries.

Latest User Review

Detailed fantasy warfare

(5/5) Reviewed by User: GrimWarrior on 2004-11-27

Call of the Warlords was a happy surprise for me. The initial newbie barrier was a bit harsh to cross due to the complexity of the game, but after a few games I realised that this game has what most others havent. Endless strategic possibilities in city management, troop customization, spells and skills and not least a nice mix of both hero and troop warfare. So basicly the game manages to combine fantasy roleplay and strategy succesfully and in a way that has kept me playing this game for more than a year now. Try it and dont be too sorry if I rough you up with my clan Glugg wolf riders the first few times! :D Just make sure you stick to the beginner games till you have learned the basics of building economy and handling troops in combat.

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