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Shattered Galaxy popular

Massive Multiplayer Real Time Strategy. Developed by online gaming company this game features hundreds of players controlling thousands of war machines over multiple planets. Factions fight for control of the battlefields and the victorious get increased attributes for their Hero and their army. The top down playability combines with the capture the flag scenario and does away with the resource mining that takes so much time to micromanage. The political intrigue allows Regiment leaders to be voted into power as the Faction Overlords who weild great power over their Faction members. Players fight with both mechanical and organic units in battles and points earned in battle can be allocated to the players battle units to increase Strength, Speed, Weapons and Armor. Players can specialise in one of four different areas like Tactics, Clout, Education or Mechanical Ability. Having first gone into beta test in late 1999 and then going Gold in August 2001, Shattered Galaxy is one of the most exciting and innovative games on the Internet. It can be played for free but players get reduced game effectiveness whereas paying players benefit from enhancements in battle points. Be careful - Its addictive. Visit - The worlds biggest SG fansite

Latest User Review

Great game of all time!

(5/5) Reviewed by User: XxJamesxX on 2004-03-19

Shattered Galaxy had been my no.1 game of all time. Started playing on 2001 and I'm still into it~ A game which teamwork is important. Strong Regiments fights each other for their factions. Don't feel like having a regiment and wanna be a lone wolf? No prob! The game itself has a merc system whereby you can roam around the planet. Sick of using wizards or fighter in other games. Come over here and establish a powerful image in Shattered Galaxy with your units' design (YES you can design your units), political skills(Election of Overlord) or even with strategy that helps you wins every single battle. It's free and it's unlimited FREE. There's no risk in trying and it's a game you will fall in love with. XxJamesxX Einherjar (Terminus)

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