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Ferion popular


Space strategy game that allows you to play a space simulation the way you want it. Develop technologies that give you an advantage, Design your own ships, Form alliances, Build fleets, Trade, Conquer worlds, Destroy worlds...

Latest User Review

The ultimate space strategy game

(5/5) Reviewed by User: kingy on 2004-03-29

Do you want to play a game where you can control every aspect of everything? do you want to play a game that is unique and not based on any other game? if the answer to either of these is yes, go to Ferion. Ferion is a game that will get you hooked instantly. Huge support for new players, with dedicated helpers. even a help arena where you can learn the ropes. Build many buildings, research a vast amounts of technologies and weapons. micromanage your population and design your very own star ships. every arena is massive, with 1000 stars and 5000 planets, the possibilies are endless. join Ferion right now, i promise you will be hooked.

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