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Divine Stars

Divine Stars is an online web browser based space strategy game. All starmaps are created by telescope pictures and real starmaps (They are 2 dimensional at a time). You can freely register for the game, you will be given one colony to start.

Latest User Review

3 wasted days

(1/5) Reviewed by User: wildratsci on 2004-05-24

i played divinestars for three days . thats over 200 turns. then a scecond player signs up and wouldnt you know thousands of planets around thousands of stars and the game puts him in the same solar system as me forcing us to slug it out. at this point my computer starts acting up and now i have to get off line and clean it up. the games logic sucks , the action\stratigy generates less excitement than standing in line for government cheese. 15 minites at a time. the games forum is a chatroom where nobody talks. wildratsci

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