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The 4th Coming (T4C for short) is a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Vircom Interactive, the online games division of Vircom inc. The 4th Coming is the only MMORPG developed by an independant studio and licensed to large Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Gaming Portals and Game Publishers around the world. T4C distinguishes itself from the other few MMORPG on the market with its familiar isometric third-person view and with its sophisticated quest engine. The action-oriented gameplay is somewhat of a cross-breed between Ultima Online™ and Diablo™.

Latest User Review

Real Medical Bill!

1/5 stars(1/5) Reviewed by User: Puremage188 on 2004-05-02

UGH!!!!! I hated myself for playing this game! The torture of fighting off unlogical enemies and hearing quite retarded noises! Everyone says this game was good but............ I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a little tip, if oyou think this game looks cool from the dragon on the front, its not! Its no better then Altered Beast for the sega genesis!!! Puremage188

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