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Volvo Ocean Racing

Volvo Ocean Racing

Web Based Sailing Game. Compete against 10,000+ other players + the real round the world Ocean 60 raceing Yatchs. The game works on 2 cranks (turns) a day and you make desicions about how you boat, navigation, crew and sails are set. Your results each 12 hours are based on the real weather and your settings.

Latest User Review

Great Game

(5/5) Reviewed by User: Jammer on 2003-07-30

The game is based on the actual Volvo Around the World Race. The 8 real boats are actually competing in this game via satalite positioning telemetry. There are 2 cranks a day in which your decisions about crew, sail & navigation are used to evaluate your performance over the 12 hour period. Real world weather is also used and you must understand how best to use the winds and sails to beat your opponents. Random mishaps are also likley with such problems as "Captain we have struck a submerged object!" where you must react to boat damage or crew fatigue. This game is very playable and the fact that you can compete against the real boats in the real conditions is a huge bonus. I have been playing this game for over 4 months now and still enjoy the 5 minutes a day it takes to enter my settings. I also have a number of friends that are also competing so its great to be able to keep an eye on them as you go (we have a prize for each legs winner amongst us that the others must all contribute to). I Love this game and I have rated it as 9 as its one of my favourites.

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